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"Teach me to run with scissors..."

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I'm a brony.

σ_σ ... Seriously?

Somewhere beneath this dark, arrogant and crusted exterior is the fluffy soul of a cuddley-coo who likes to watch animated ponies, unicorns, and pegasi learning about love and friendship.

I even have an OC (Original Character)...

That's a cutie mark, not a butt tattoo...despite what my cousin might say.

Yes, that pony represents me... an admission that prompted my eldest brother to confiscate my man-card... but when I designed my own MLP:FIM t-shirt, it prompted Ginger to declare that I had surplus validation of my manhood. (It's hard to tell if people are being sarcastic over text...)

So here's my query: is it more important to appear manly to your brothers or the ladies?

It's a conundrum...

Here's my other query: was it a stupid decision to admit to being a brony? Will I lose followers? (If I even lose 2 followers that's over 10% of my readership! [No, my math doesn't suck that much. I have readers who only connect via facebook, so they don't "follow" on blogger.])

So how did I become a brony? How did someone as jaded and cynical as myself even begin watching a cartoon about six mares in Equestria?

I was dragged, kicking and screaming.

If you remember my post Life Updates - Who is With Whom and Who's Having Whose Baby - P.S. Mr. Weirdman, then you will remember that Queenie has been a brony (or "pegasister," for those of you who appreciate gender descrimination) for quite a while, and she threatened my life to get me to watch it with her. And, as everyone knows, receiving death threats from pony fans is mildly terrifying.

Basically, I agreed to watch it to preserve my life, and then realized it was actually a fun, funny, and "d'aaawwww" cute.

If I had had a heart it would have melted.

I was also introduced to spin-off series on YouTube (such as Friendship is Witchcraft http://www.youtube.com/user/SherclopPones?feature=CAQQwRs%3D) and THAT, my friends, you will not have a hard time believing I'm a fan of. -_-


Anywhozits, in related news, I'm going to the Pon3Con in Omaha Nebraska tomorrow. Expect a blog about that... possibly with video! (I know I promised video once before... I'm still trying to get a copy of the zombie short I was featured in to post on here... but I'm actually going to be the one filming this time. So it should be easier.)

So... look forward to that.

Or don't.


I don't care.


Go do some evil.

Hi, Ginger!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Drying the Creative Mud

Not sure if you've noticed, but I haven't posted in a long-ish time.

I'm to rectify that... by posting.

Sadly, I haven't much of interest to say, so today's post may end up being among the least entertaining posts in the history of the blogosphere. But I'm really just making this up as I go, so--who knows?--maybe it'll be hilarious.

Somehow I doubt that.

Poll: Was this flowchart a stupid decision?

"And that's all I have to say about that." ~Can you guess the classic movie I'm quoting?

So what have I been doing at old KU recently?

Mostly going to classes and trying to learn. Or learning and trying to go to classes. Or trying to go to classes and trying to learn. I highly doubt I've been going to classes and learning... 'cause that'd be too simple.

Speaking of simple, I have an English midterm test on Monday, and I'm only half-competent in the material, and I haven't finished reading the assigned text. I'm a winner! (I should get on that...) But, I'm fairly certain I'll do okay, because I love English, and I test well...and the test-prep session made the concepts of the last two weeks clearer in an hour than they've been made in the last two weeks.

I went in all "wtf is wth?" and I went out all "heh, I got this shit." ^_^ (*swag*)

My sister just differentiated between "vile" and "vial" and it got me to thinking... about vile vials... and bile... but that was just an afterthought.

So, if you haven't noticed, this has been kind of a "train of consciousness" post.

Speaking of consciousness, have you ever read "The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Caroll? It's a "nonsense poem" and is one of my favorite poems ever written. (Also an awesome poem is "Snowbanks North of the House" by Robert Bly.)

In appreciation of Lewis's Jabberwocky, I have composed my own nonsense poem. I share it here along with an equally nonsensical doodle. -_- (And I'm mostly making this poem up as I go... with a little memory of a poem I wrote once...)

The Bandriggle swives in periclitation.
Ye who behold, swaffed in bibation,
Sickled with rotgut, join the soirave.
Pink fwithers brustle agin' the known trave.

"...and that's all I have to say about that..."

Well, what did you expect after a poem like that???
And... voila!

So, Ciao, and go do some evil!


No, you didn't miss anything. You are correct that the title has  nothing to do with the content.

I'm sorry it's such a short/lame post. I'm kind of forcing it out... trying to get the creative juices flowing.

Who decided creativity was controlled by juices? Why can't we "get the creative mud drying"?

Oh, there's the title...