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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tired Eyes and Cappuccino

Greetigns, Evildoers,

You may not know (or care) about my plight this morning, so (but) I've decided to tell you.

I had to get up early. Freakishly early. Like, no-one-with-half-a-brain-is-awake-right-now early.

About 6:15.

Yeah, yeah... I know you get up that early (or earlier) every day of the week. But you're not nocturnal like me. I am a greakture of the night. (That's a Geek/Creature.) If I have to get up before 9:00, then it's early. If I have to ge up before 7:30 it's "freakishly early," and if I have to get up before 6:20, it's ... what I said up there ^^ early.

Anywho, I labored through my nightmare of a morning, and kept myself going for I knew that just minutes after leaving the house I would be rewarded with a steaming-hot, delicious cup of AMAZING Cappuccino. (<--Is that the correct spelling? This doesn't have a spell-check, and it looks weird... Oh well. Forgive me any misspellings.) I took my medicine, got clean, packed up what I needed to get through the day, and then got in the car. My eyes were tired, but I managed to make it to the gas station. I stood out in the cold, pumping gas, and wishing I had worn a long-sleeved shirt. It was chilly. But I knew that steaming-hot cup of AMAZING Cappuccino would make me warm and awake. It was going to be the most EPIC cappuccino ever in the history of awesome. -_- I was sure of it. Finally I ran inside and went back to the instant AMAZING Cappuccino machine. I pulled out a cup, hardly able to keep the drool in my mouth from the sheer awesomeness of the cappuccino I was about to drink. I shoved the cup under the tap and hit the button! I could see it! MY CAPPUCCINO!!! Instantly warning bells went off in my brain. *BROOP* *BROOP* The Little Voice of Fear and Death Inside My Head (TLVFDIMH) was screaming. "Something's wrong with it! It looks funny!" It did look funny... but I needed it... it may have been just a new blend, or maybe it was fresher (or older) than I'd ever gotten it before... I don't know... maybe it was fate's way of hating me? I paid for the cup and rushed back out to my car. Tired, cold, and running late, I NEEDED that cappuccino... and I needed it to be good!

I took a swig.

Suddenly my face contorted in disgust. It was... cold. Ish. Cold-ish. I mean, it was warm when compared to outside, or even, probably, the surface of my skin. But, compared to anything that ever resembled a half-decent or not sucky cup of flavored coffee, it was cold.

And tasted like Ick.

I was never certain what "Ick" tasted like exactly... until I drank that cappuccino.

It was the antithesis of my steaming-hot AMAZING Cappuccino.

I was sad.

Today is a dark and dastardly day for the Rafe.

Let the Cappuccino Requiems sound...

*Note: I looked up "Cappuccino" and I am indeed spelling it correctly.

Ciao, I guess.

As per the usual request: Go do some evil.

~The Rafe

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