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Thursday, December 15, 2011

"A Modest Tribute" aka The Poem I Wrote, Lost, Subsequently Found and Ultimately Forgot the Meaning Of

So I cleaned my room this morning... EARLY.

I haven't even gone to sleep yet, and it's 3:18 AM.

I finished cleaning my room maybe an hour ago. :\

Anywho... the point is this:

Whilst throwing away trash I stumbled on a piece of paper with a poem I wrote who-knows-how-long ago.
My room was dirty. :\

Anywhosits, I've decided to share the poem I wrote, lost, and subsequently found with you. (I'm leaving all the grammar, punctuation and capitalization exactly how I found them. Some of it's kind of weird... so... sic!)

Here 'tis:
A modest tribute in a thousand words
could utter we
To the flowing of the faerie's sigh
Wishing we could see
What heaven hath brought with Michael's name
A conqueror of Smiles
A lover's game
From Something past to something more
With someone laughing
And Someone's war
Shall be to see what they can make
Of this and that
of give and take.

Yeah... I don't get it either. :\

If it ever meant anything--a claim I cannot swear to--I have forgotten it entirely.

So, really, this is the question: What does it mean to YOU?

Comment and tell me. ^_^

(Yes, I know this one is a quickie... but I had naught else to brighten your day with at this very early moment.)

So, Ciao!

And, as per my usual request, go do some evil!


1 comment:

  1. I thought the poem was cool. I loved it. Who cares if the meaning is unknown? The reader is going to apply their own perception anyhow. So, even if it remains a mystery what the meaning is, it still has an impressive flow, as if, you knew what it meant at the time...<:^D

    -Julie Buresh (the great pretender of, talking like she knows something, but really doesn't know anything, LOL)