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Saturday, June 23, 2012

So, I Was Recognized on the Street Today...

In a rare moment of Rafe fame (fame mostly due to happening to have acquaintences that are also Facebook friends and, despite not having seen me in person for years, can still recognize me from my FB pics) I was recognized on the street today.

In other words: I ran into someone who I once met, but don't know very well.

In still other words: No real fame will be presented in this tale.

In still more other words: I have a fun if not funny story to relate. ^_^

I should get started...

I was walking home from confession this Saturday* (remember, I'm Catholic... we do stuff like that) and I was about half way home when suddenly a Wild Rosi appeared whilst driving a car.

*Saturday would be today if, in fact, you read this on the same Saturday that I post it on. -_-

Her eyes were wide with excitement, her grin was ear to ear, and she was pointing and waving with the frantic energy of a million, mad stallions!

She obviously recognized me. And was exceptionally happy to see me. -_-

To be fair, she looks less like Ben Franklin than my drawing...
At first I thought I recognized her... then I realized she wasn't who I thought she was.

Then she pulled into a driveway I was nearing. I briefly considered the possibility that she belonged to that house, but this only made the matter curiouser, because I know almost less than nothing about the occupents of that domicile.

That was when she burst out of the car and ran towards me, still frantic and excited.

She definitely wasn't who I thought she was, but I definitely recognized her face... but I definitely couldn't place it. Definitely.

"Hi! I'm a Wild Rosi!" She shouted (thus enabling me to remember who she was). "I'm Ellie's cousin!" (Ellie dislikes being called "Ellie," which is why I have opted to make her nom de blog "Ellie.") >:D BWUAHAHAHHAA!!!

Anywho... the Wild Rosi continued speaking. "We're trying to get to Ellie's, but we're kind of lost. I saw you and was like 'hey, I think I know him! He's Ellie's friend!'"

Didn't even remember my name... :(

My Fame-Ego took a small blow...

But I rallied on.

"Can you tell us* how to get to Ellie's from this road?"

*There was, apparently, another wild Ellie cousin in the car.

"Does this road go all the way to Ellie's house?" She asked.

I looked at the street, *le shrug* "I haven't seen it go anywhere yet." (I'm so clever...)

The Wild Rosi then made it unmistakably clear that she wanted directions to Ellie's domicile.

Again... just because my drawings are freakish does NOT mean that the people they represent are. ^_^ The Wild Rosi and Ellie are both new to SDA, and I don't want to insult them more than I intend to.
I proceeded to give her the most confusing--yet still somehow true--directions I could think of.

-_- Because I'm cruel like that.


That's pretty much the story of the time I was recognized on the street. I'm now officially (not really) famous. :D

Go do some evil, and Ciao!


*1000 cool points to those who know what is printed on my blue shirt in the second pic. ;)

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