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Monday, May 2, 2011

Double Stuff!

Greetings, Evildoers.

Short post. Just something I had to explain to a friend earlier:

Both the dark side and the white side have cookies. It's just that (if you have a taste for sadism) you can actually enjoy the cookies... so it's easiest to be on the dark side.

It's like this. If you're on the light side, you have to actually CARE about people. And while you shove your double stuff into your mouth you may begin to think about starving children in Guatemala (or wherever your starving children of choice are from) and suddenly all that sugar turns to sand in your mouth. You get a sour taste in your throat, and you just can't find the energy to reach your hand into the bowl of milk even one... more... time...

On the dark side, when the little children come to mind, you giggle, and the cookies just Get BETTER!!!!

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